Game of Thrones Spain Tour: Season 5

A 8 day trip to Spain

From the majestic Water Gardens of Sunspear to the grand palace of the Martell's, your soon-to-be favorite moments from season five of Game of Thrones are here waiting for you to discover on this Spain tour. Taste the cool sweetness of perfectly made sangria while you take in the views in scenic Seville. Roam the site of an epic battle scene filmed in the bullring of Osuna. Experience Spain like royalty in this Game of Thrones inspired tour of the jewels of central Spain and Andalusia. Whether you want to simply take in the beauty of Spain or walk in the footsteps of your favorite cast, this tour will be one to remember.


Did you know the first five seasons of Game of Thrones were filmed in Northern Ireland, Iceland, Croatia, Morocco, Malta, Scotland and most recently Spain' To relive the magic of the first four seasons in Croatia from Dubrovnik, set of King's Landing, to Diocletian's Palace in Split, set of Klis Fortress, visit our Game of Thrones Tour of Croatia or for an immersion experience over ten days, visit our Game of Thrones Tour of Spain and Morocco. All travel arrangements can be tailored.

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Madrid, Seville, Osuna, Ronda, Granada

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Dates are flexible and customizable for private departures.

Detailed Itinerary 

Day 1: Touching Down in the Spanish Capital

This morning, you land in Madrid, Spain's capital and one of the most unforgettable cities in Europe, filled with history, exploding with culture, and offering unique and unforgettable experiences on seemingly every street corner. You'll be taken by private car to your well-appointed accommodation. The hip Hospes Madrid Hotel is highlighted by modern decor and a simply unbeatable location. You'll find that your rooms come with all the luxuries and amenities to make your stay memorable and that the staff is welcoming and incredibly attentive to every traveler's needs.

Spend this afternoon exploring Madrid, from its haute couture to its enviable art scene. Visit the Prado, the national art museum of Spain and home to some of the most famous paintings of the past four hundred years, such as Velazquez's Las Meninas, Goya's heroic Third of May, and countless masterworks from artists like Titian, Bosch and El Greco. Stroll down the Gran Via, taking in the incredible sights and sounds of one of Madrid's premier streets, or simply relax in one of the numerable plazas, lined with delicious cafes and restaurants. Spend the evening at one of Madrid's finest restaurants where you can savor in the seafood specialties at La Traneira or the delight in the charged atmosphere of Casa Lucio, a Madrid institution frequented by movie stars, footballers and even the Royal Family.

What's Included: private transfer, accommodation

Day 2: A Tour of Magnificent Madrid

Today, you'll set off on a private walking tour of this captivating capital. From the tortuous streets of the Habsburg's Quarter to the stunning Royal Theater, each step will you give a glimpse at life in Spain during its magnificent Golden Age. Stroll the streets that have served as the pulse of the city for generations, until you reach the impressive Plaza Mayor, the center of Madrid that is dominated by the gorgeous Casa de la Panaderia, a municipal and cultural center that was once a large bakery. Continue on to the nearby Puerta del Sol, which has long been the administrative heart of Madrid and a great seat of civic pride, and stop for lunch at one of the local restaurants you find nearby.

You'll next encounter some of the finest architecture in Madrid, particularly those highlighting the Baroque masterworks of the city. From the graceful facade of the Basilica de San Miguel to the sumptuous interior of the Monasterio de la Encarnacion, you'll be stunned by the achievements that seem to occupy all areas of Madrid. Your tour ends in high style at the Royal Palace, the official residence of the Spanish Royal Family in Madrid and an imposing masterwork of Spanish Baroque architecture. Not only is the palace itself unforgettable, but the gardens and parks which surround it are among the most beautiful in the world, from the statues of Gothic kings which line the walkway in the Plaza de Oriente to the long, verdant fetch of beauty known as the Paseo Principal in the Campo del Moro Gardens.

What's Included: breakfast, private tour, accommodation

Day 3: Into Andalusia

This morning, you will be greeted by your personal driver at the hotel who will take you to the railway station. Turn south to leave the grandeur of Madrid and to experience the singular mystique of Andalusia, that rugged and romantic corner of far southern Spain that has a feel and a history unlike anyplace else in the country. Here, the Moorish conquerors that ruled southern Spain for centuries left their deepest and most indelible marks, borrowed culture that has since made Andalusian cities some of the most picturesque in the world.

When you arrive in Seville, your private driver will transfer you to your hotel. Seville is the region's capital and largest city, where you'll revel in the fascinating cityscape that seems to always be more than what you anticipated. While in Seville, you'll stay at the peerless Hotel Palacio de Villapanes, whose boutique accommodations are surpassed only by the hotel's consummate location, mere minutes from the greatest sites in Seville. With this evening at your leisure, grab some of Seville's famous tapas; El Patio San Eloy offers amazing decor, fantastic seating and delicious and refreshing sangria, while La Manzanilla offers truly authentic tapas at a price even the locals rave about.

What's Included: breakfast, 1st class train ticket, private transfers in Madrid and Seville, accommodation

Day 4: A Journey to Sunspear

Today is yours to enjoy Seville. Your private guide will take you on a whirlwind excursion to the many landmarks of this charming city. Ogle at the fantastic size and stunning detail of the Seville Cathedral, the world's largest Gothic cathedral and a stirring testament to Spanish Gothic architecture, and marvel at the soaring ceilings and meticulous detail of the church's interior. This cathedral is also registered by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. Bask in the shadow of the Giralda, the cathedral's main bell tower and a converted minaret, changed to serve a more Christian purpose following the Reconquista. Marvel at the Toro Del Oro, a former watchtower that dominates the banks of the Guadalquivir, and meander your way through the serpentine streets of Barrio de Santa Cruz, the medieval Jewish Quarter of Seville, before searching for a delicious tapas restaurant or a glass of sangria.

Your ultimate destination for today's tour is the awe-inspiring Alcazar of Seville, another UNESCO World Heritage Site, and a former Muslim fort that is now the oldest royal palace still in service in all of Europe. Your heart will leap at the elegance of the Courtyard of the Maidens where your eyes will feast upon the palace's gardens that have served as the backdrop for scores of movies. It echoes a certain easy grandeur that makes it the perfect setting for the Water Palace at Sunspear, the retreat for the Princes of Dorne, and where Doran Martell will spend the fifth season trying to save his lands and his people. As you make your way through the Alcazar's mesmerizing corridors, you'll surely feel as if you'd been transported to the sunny south of Westeros.

What's Included: breakfast, private tour and entrances to the Cathedral and Alcazar, accommodation

Day 5: Further Afield in Captivating Osuna

Today a private transfer is arranged along with your personal tour guide who will take you through the majestic landscape of Andalusia as you make your way from Seville to Osuna, where the city's august past melds with the gorgeous scenery of southern Spain.

Stop by the former quarry of El Coto where the stone to build most of Osuna has been collected for centuries, or visit the iconic University of Osuna where the Humanist spirit of the Renaissance is evident in the sharp, rational lines. You will find plenty of adornment, too, like in the eye-opening Sala de Girona, where murals depicting scenes from rural hunts and faces of famous church fathers dominate the walls.

Of course, no trip to Osuna would be complete without visiting the bullring, which will serve as the set of an epic battle scene in the upcoming season of Game of Thrones. This particular scene was shot over 12 days and is said to be the main imaginative product of the Game of Thrones team here in Osuna. You will witness this epic filming location first-hand as you explore every square inch of this fascinating structure, one of the best of its kind in the entire country, and envision the storylines that are sure to develop with this incredible city as a backdrop, from the sunbathed peace of Dorne to the scorched cities on Slaver's Bay. With the staggering vision of George R.R. Martin as its driving force, there's no limit to what could be seen.

What's Included: breakfast, private transfers, private tour, accommodation

Day 6: Arriving in Gorgeous Granada

Today you will travel from Seville to breathtaking Granada by a private car, as you experience the aura of Andalusia at its very best, its fertile fields, rolling hills and timeless cities casting an air of romance and class over your entire journey. You will stop on your way at the scenic Ronda to watch the breathtaking Gorge and walk around in this unique setting. You might decide to visit the bullring, one of the oldest ones in Spain, before continuing to Granada.

Once you arrive in Granada, you'll check into your first-class accommodations at the Hospes Palacio de los Patos, where the vibrant guest rooms and stunning common areas echo the life and vitality that characterize this memorable locale. Located in the hub of Granada, the Hospes Palacio de los Patos is the perfect place to spend your days and nights in Granada, offering timeless elegance and urban vim.

The evening features a unique and unforgettable experience, as you'll take in an authentic flamenco show in the otherworldly environs of a gipsy cave in the heart of Sacromonte, one of the city's most vibrant districts. You're sure to be swept up by the passion and emotion stirred by the most quintessential Andalusian art, from the graceful steps of the dancers to the fervent strums of classical guitar, each beat pulsing through your blood like instinct and taking you away to a world of pure expression.

What's Included: breakfast, private transfer by car from Seville to Ronda to Granada, flamenco show, accommodation

Day 7: The Incomparable Alhambra

Here in Granada lies one of the finest examples of Moorish architecture in Europe, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that has now become one of the foremost tourist attractions in all of Spain. The Alhambra is the remains of a Moorish palace that is filled with such exquisite detail and unending beauty that your mind will struggle to comprehend it. Called a pearl among emeralds due to its pristine location, the Alhambra boasts breathtaking arabesques and classic composition, from the soaring ceiling of the Hall of the Abencerrajes to the serenity and tranquility of the Court of Lions. You certainly won't want to miss the grounds and gardens of the Palacio de Generalife, among the oldest surviving Moorish gardens in the country and a fine example of the Nasrid style.

Spend your final evening in Granada perambulating this captivating city; visit the remarkable cathedral of Granada, whose beautifully painted inner dome is not to be missed, or see the remains of the famed Ferdinand and Isabella at the Royal Chapel. Grab a pastry and coffee at La Blanca Paloma, grab seafood specialties at El Pescador, or search for wares at one of the city's bustling shopping districts, from the high-end fashion on Calle Mesones to the tourist goods and eye-catching architecture that can be found at the Alcaiceri.

What's Included: breakfast, private tour and entrance to Alhambra, accommodation

Day 8: Saying Goodbye

This morning will have you checking out of your hotel in Granada and heading to the airport on a private transfer where you'll say goodbye to scenic Spain and the unforgettable memories that you have collected along the way. From the glory of Granada to the monuments of Madrid, from the streets of Seville to inimitable Osuna, this trip is sure to leave you longing for the return of Game of Thrones and busily planning your own return trip.

Should you wish to explore more of Spain, visit the Spain tours section on orient. Customized extension trips are available, so that you can stretch that dream vacation just a few days ' or weeks ' more.

What's Included: breakfast, private transfer


What's Included 

  • All private transfers by Orient-Travel vehicles (including Madrid arrival, Granada departure, Seville to Osuna, Seville to Granada)
  • 7 nights accommodation with breakfast included
  • 1st class train ticket: Madrid-Seville (high-speed AVE train)
  • 4 private half-day guided tours
  • 3 entrance fees to UNESCO World Heritage Sites: Alhambra in Granada, Alcazar and Cathedral in Seville
  • Flamenco show in Granada (including transportation)
  • Travel materials (maps, vouchers, etc.)
  • 24/7 telephone assistance while travelers stay in Spain


Four Star Accommodation Package:

Price per person based on 2 persons traveling: $1,899 (approximately '1,785)

  • Madrid Opera
  • Sevilla Los Seises By Fontecruz
  • Granada Suites Gran Via 44

Five Star Accommodation Package:

Price per person based on 2 persons traveling: $2,399 (approximately '2,255)

  • Madrid Hospes
  • Hotel Palacio de Villapanes
  • Granada Hospes Palacio de los Patos

Note: Final price may vary slightly based on currency exchange rates at time of booking.