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Hotels in Karabakh

Take advantage of these exceptional rates and experience Armenian hotels, or simply ease the stress of your travel by staying at one of these hotels.

We are cooperating with the following hotels in provinces. Our rates are much lower than the rack rates of the hotels.

Avan Shushi Plaza Shushi (Artsakh)
"Avan Shushi Plaza" hotel is located in the historical part of Shushi town in Artsakh. The comfortable rooms of this newly reopened hotel have all the facilities to meet the guests` requirements: air conditioning, satellite TV, free of charge Internet. There is also restaurant, bar, conference hall in the hotel. The guests can also visit the Carpet gallery and the historical bathhouse of Shushi.
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  01.05 - 31.10 01.01 - 30.04
01.11 - 31.12
Single9500 AMD9500 AMD
Double/Twin19500 AMD14500 AMD
Triple24500 AMD19500 AMD
Superior Double29500 AMD24500 AMD
Family29500 AMD24500 AMD
Semi Luxe44500 AMD29500 AMD
The prices include breakfast and VAT 20%.

Shushi Grand Hotel Shushi (Artsakh)
"Shushi Grand Hotel" offers comfortable rooms and suites, brand new, totally equipped. Some of the rooms have their own balconies from which the guests can enjoy the unique view of Shushi historic village. The hotel has also an astonishing all around 25000 sqm. of land full of trees. Mostly you will enjoy the large terrace and the restaurant bar. Wireless high speed Internet connection is available throughout the hotel.
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  01.01 - 31.01
01.05 - 30.09
01.12 - 31.12
01.02 - 30.04
01.10 - 30.11
Single22000 AMD15000 AMD
Double27000 AMD19000 AMD
Family55000 AMD38000 AMD
Luxe76000 AMD53000 AMD
The prices include breakfast and VAT 20%.

Armenia Stepanakert (Artsakh)
Hotel "Armenia" is located in the center of Stepanakert, next to the Republic Square. This hotel has comfortable rooms of different categories. All rooms are modernly designed and furnished, each with its own private heating and air-conditioning system. The wide range of the hotel facilities also allows the use of the business center, conference hall, sauna and fitness center.
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  01.04 - 31.10 01.01 - 31.03
01.11 - 31.12
Single26000 AMD23000 AMD
Deluxe Single31000 AMD27000 AMD
Double31000 AMD28000 AMD
Family41000 AMD36000 AMD
Deluxe Double42000 AMD38000 AMD
Junior Suite45000 AMD42000 AMD
Senior Suite59000 AMD52000 AMD
Deluxe Family61000 AMD58000 AMD
Presidential90000 AMD90000 AMD
The prices include breakfast and VAT 20%.

Avetis Stepanakert (Artsakh)
Hotel "Avetis" is located in the quiet region of the city Stepanakert surrounded by trees. All the rooms of this hotel are equipped with TV, telephone, refrigerator with mini bar and have bathrooms with shower cabins. From the balcony one can admire the panorama of the city Stepanakert and the beautiful nature of the city Shushi.
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  01.01 - 31.12
Single14000 AMD
Double18000 AMD
Triple24000 AMD
Luxe25000 AMD
The prices include breakfast and VAT 20%.

Europe Stepanakert Stepanakert (Artsakh)
"Europe Stepanakert" hotel offers a comfortable stay in its modern and technically equipped rooms, where you can forget about your everyday concerns. You can enjoy the extraordinary scene of the city at a birds eye view from the Sky Lounge bar of the hotel. The windows of the rooms open the beautiful and mountainous panorama of Stepanakert, which will make you feel in a harmony with the nature. The hotel has a wide range of services, such as Wi-Fi Internet connection, indoor swimming pool, sauna, jacuzzi with heating and hydromassage. There is also conference hall foreseen for business meetings.
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  07.01 - 31.12
Single23000 AMD
Double33000 AMD
Triple40000 AMD
Junior Suite40000 AMD
Family55000 AMD
Presidential130000 AMD
The prices include breakfast and VAT 20%.

Heghnar Stepanakert (Artsakh)
"Heghnar" hotel is located in the center of capital city of Artsakh, in Stepanakert. This cozy hotel offers exquisitely designed, light and comfortable rooms. The hotel has also a snug courtyard, where the guests can enjoy their meals at nice weather.
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  15.03 - 31.10 01.01 - 14.03
01.11 - 31.12
Single15000 AMD12000 AMD
Double22000 AMD18000 AMD
Triple30000 AMD25000 AMD
Quadruple36000 AMD30000 AMD
Family40000 AMD33000 AMD
Luxe40000 AMD33000 AMD
The prices include breakfast and VAT 20%.

Nairi Stepanakert (Artsakh)
"Nairi" hotel is located in Stepanakert, far from the noise of the city and close to an incredible nature of Stepanakert city. In the restaurant of the hotel you can taste Armenian delicious dishes. Also, the 24 hour front desk and a professional staff will be glad to be helpful to you at any time.
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  01.04 - 31.10 01.01 - 31.03
01.11 - 31.12
Single14000 AMD12000 AMD
Double20000 AMD18000 AMD
Triple30000 AMD27000 AMD
Quadruple36000 AMD32000 AMD
Family40000 AMD36000 AMD
The prices include breakfast and VAT 20%.

Park Artsakh Hotel Stepanakert (Artsakh)
The newly opened "Park Artsakh Hotel" is located in Stepanakert. The building was reconstructed in 19-th century and was fully rebuilt in 2011. All the conditions at the hotel are established for the guests` proper rest. All the public areas of the hotel are decorated with different pictures and sculptures of famous local artists. Lobby bar, souvenir shop, library, business centre, restaurant, summer cafe are at the disposal of the guests.
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  01.03 - 31.10 01.01 - 29.02
01.11 - 31.12
Single24000 AMD19000 AMD
Double32000 AMD29000 AMD
Superior37000 AMD33000 AMD
Deluxe44000 AMD42000 AMD
Family59000 AMD55000 AMD
Luxe59000 AMD55000 AMD
The prices include breakfast and VAT 20%.

Vallex Garden Hotel Stepanakert (Artsakh)
"Vallex Garden Hotel" is located in the centre of Stepanakert, close to the main sights of the city. Modern comfortable furnishings and friendly ambience are ideal for both business and leisure travelers. The hotel offers elegantly-decorated rooms of various categories equipped with all the necessary facilities. Hotel guests are also welcome to use the services of the fitness centre and the swimming pool.
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  01.05 - 30.09 01.01 - 30.04
01.10 - 31.12
Standard Single26000 AMD25000 AMD
Standard Double32000 AMD31000 AMD
Superior36000 AMD34000 AMD
Deluxe41000 AMD38000 AMD
Suite64000 AMD62000 AMD
The prices include breakfast and VAT 20%.

Yerevan Stepanakert (Artsakh)
Hotel "Yerevan" is located in 5 minutes` walking distance from the central square of Stepanakert. The rooms of different categories are equipped with air conditioning, LCD TV set, central heating system and very comfortable furniture are at disposal of the guests. The hotel is supplied with free of charge WiFi Internet connection.
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  01.01 - 31.12
Single18000 AMD
Deluxe Single21000 AMD
Double24000 AMD
Deluxe Double27000 AMD
Triple30000 AMD
Family36000 AMD
The prices include breakfast and VAT 20%.

Alva Tsaghkadzor (Kotayk Region)
With its idyllic location right next to the ski run, nestled in the woods of Tsaghkadzor, hotel "Alva" offers comfortable suites and cottages, equipped with all the necessary facilities and amenities to cater for the needs of guests during their stay. Each suite and cottage has a sitting area, bedroom(s) with a king size bed, a desk, a mini-fridge and a LCD flat screen TV with international channels. Apart from this, the hotel features also a spacious bar and a restaurant with a wide choice of menu, swimming pool, billiards, etc.
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  10.01 - 31.03 01.07 - 31.08 01.06 - 30.06
01.09 - 30.09
01.12 - 29.12
01.04 - 31.05
01.10 - 30.11
Semi Luxe40000 AMD35000 AMD30000 AMD25000 AMD
Cottage80000 AMD70000 AMD60000 AMD50000 AMD
The prices include breakfast and VAT 20%.

Elegant Tsaghkadzor (Kotayk Region)
"Elegant" hotel has stylish rooms where the guests can enjoy picturesque view of mountains and spectacular nature of Tsaghkadzor. Staying at this hotel the guests can enjoy also the services of swimming pool, fitness center, sauna, kid`s room and tasty dishes of national and European cuisines.
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  07.01 - 31.03
01.07 - 31.08
01.12 - 30.12
01.04 - 30.06
01.09 - 30.11
Single33000 AMD28000 AMD
Double40000 AMD34000 AMD
Classic65000 AMD55000 AMD
Deluxe70000 AMD59000 AMD
Luxe80000 AMD68000 AMD
Cottage110000 AMD90000 AMD
The prices include breakfast and VAT 20%.

Golden Palace Resort-Spa Tsaghkadzor (Kotayk Region)
"Golden Palace Resort-Spa" is the only officially recognized 5-star hotel in Tsakhkadzor, in the renowned ski resort. The hotel has a business center, necessary facilities for people with limited mobility, restaurant, cigar club, pool, billiards, fintess center, beauty salon, and offers a 24-hour room service.
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  16.01 - 15.04
16.06 - 15.09
16.12 - 30.12
16.04 - 15.06
16.09 - 15.12
Standard61000 AMD52000 AMD
Classic65000 AMD57000 AMD
Deluxe70000 AMD65000 AMD
Tower Suite76000 AMD67000 AMD
Junior Suite105000 AMD95000 AMD
Senior Suite178000 AMD153000 AMD
Apartment Suite220000 AMD181000 AMD
The prices include breakfast and VAT 20%.

Jupiter Tsaghkadzor (Kotayk Region)
In the center of Tsaghkadzor the nice small hotel "Jupiter" is situated. It has comfortable non-smoking rooms where you can enjoy your vacation within the fresh air of snow-covered mountains. The hotel is unique with its delicious kitchen and hospitable staff.
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  10.01 - 10.03
Economy Double30000 AMD
Business Double38000 AMD
Semi Luxe43000 AMD
Luxe55000 AMD
The prices include breakfast and VAT 20%.

Kecharis Tsaghkadzor (Kotayk Region)
"Kecharis" hotel is located in a few minutes` walking distance from Kecharis monastery and at ~5 minutes` driving distance from ropeway. Most of the rooms have balconies with city and mountain view. Modernly designed rooms are at your disposal and are intended for family rest and business meetings. The hotel has bowling, billiard, kid`s club.
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  07.01 - 15.03
20.06 - 15.09
11.12 - 30.12
16.09 - 10.12
16.03 - 19.06
Standard32000 AMD22000 AMD
Superior34000 AMD24000 AMD
Family38000 AMD27000 AMD
Junior Suite55000 AMD44000 AMD
The prices include breakfast and VAT 20%.

Marriott Tsaghkadzor Tsaghkadzor (Kotayk Region)
The hotel complex "Marriott Tsaghkadzor" offers a comfortable stay in the fresh air of Tsaghkadzor, which is a resort city rich with forests. During the whole year you can have both an active and a passive rest in this hotel, as well as forget about the noisy everyday life enjoying the organized entertaining events. Bars, restaurants, fitness center, billiard, tennis court and big swimming pool will make your stay unforgettable and complete.
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  07.01 - 31.12
Villa King60000 AMD
Standard72000 AMD
Villa Deluxe78000 AMD
Deluxe84000 AMD
Suite204000 AMD
Royal Suite300000 AMD
The prices include breakfast and VAT 20%.

Multi Rest House Tsaghkadzor (Kotayk Region)
"Multi Rest House" resort offers a long list of different and interesting services to the guests. Comfortably and modernly designed rooms and very nice cottages are at your disposal. Various services will help you to fill your days at the resort with unforgettable moments. The following facilities are available here: fitness center, internet cafe, indoor pool, cinema center, football, basketball, tennis, billiard, conference hall for 80 persons, bar and restaurant, etc.
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  01.01 - 29.02
01.06 - 31.08
01.12 - 31.12
01.03 - 31.05
01.09 - 30.11
Standard40000 AMD40000 AMD
Classic50000 AMD50000 AMD
Deluxe60000 AMD60000 AMD
Studio60000 AMD60000 AMD
Apartment80000 AMD76000 AMD
Luxe98000 AMD95000 AMD
Cottage (4 prs.)98000 AMD95000 AMD
Cottage (4-6 prs.)116000 AMD112000 AMD
Cottage (8-10 prs.)145000 AMD138000 AMD
The prices include breakfast and VAT 20%.

Russia Tsaghkadzor (Kotayk region)
Hotel "Russia" is located in the very heart of Tsaghkadzor. The hotel offers Orient-Travel rooms equipped with all modern conveniences. The following complimentary facilities of the hotel are at the disposal of the guests: swimming pool, fitness centre, kids` hall, table tennis, cinema club, Internet and parking. The guests may also use sauna, billiards, bar and conference halls at an additional charge. The hotel also provides shuttle buses for transportation to the ropeway.
More Photos
  01.01 - 31.03
01.07 - 15.09
01.12 - 31.12
01.04 - 31.06
16.09 - 30.11
Single35000 AMD30000 AMD
Double/Twin60000 AMD50000 AMD
Senior Suite69000 AMD60000 AMD
Family Suite78000 AMD70000 AMD
Junior Suite87000 AMD78000 AMD
Deluxe95000 AMD87000 AMD
Luxe112000 AMD104000 AMD
Presidential129000 AMD121000 AMD
The prices include full board and VAT 20%.

Splendor Tsaghkadzor (Kotayk Region)
The nicely designed cottages, the restaurant serving both Armenian and European dishes and the availability of various entertaining facilities will make the days spent in "Splendor" unforgettable.
More Photos
  01.01 - 29.02
01.07 - 31.08
01.03 - 30.06
01.09 - 31.12
Cottage Deluxe (2 prs.)25000 AMD20000 AMD
Cottage Luxe (2 prs.)30000 AMD25000 AMD
Cottage Deluxe (4 prs.)39000 AMD35000 AMD
Cottage Deluxe (5 prs.)39000 AMD35000 AMD
Cottage Luxe (4 prs.)44000 AMD39000 AMD
The prices include VAT 20%.

Sport Complex Tsaghkadzor (Kotayk Region)
"Sport Complex" in Tsaghkadzor has been completly renovated in 2007 and now offers fully modernized facilities. The hotel is idealy located close to the ropeway and skiing trails. This is a comfortable place for family rest, business meetings and training camps. The surroundig mountains are perfect for vacation both in summer and winter. Among the wide range of services the conference hall can be provided free of charge.
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  05.01 - 30.12
Single16000 AMD
Economy Double22000 AMD
Double28000 AMD
Luxe77000 AMD
The prices include breakfast and VAT 20%.

Tsaghkahovit Tsaghkahovit (Kotayk Region)
Located in 0.5 km from the ropeway, on the slope of Teghenis mountain "Tsaghkahovit" hotel opens its doors to all the guests arriving Tsaghkadzor. The hotel rooms equipped with all the necessary facilities as well as the Wi-Fi Internet connection, are at the guests` disposal. You can also taste both Armenian and European dishes in the restaurant which is situated in the territory of the hotel.
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  01.01 - 31.12
Single10000 AMD
Double15000 AMD
Deluxe Double20000 AMD
Semi Luxe25000 AMD
Family35000 AMD
Luxe35000 AMD
The prices include breakfast and VAT 20%.

YSU Guest House Tsaghkadzor (Kotayk Region)
The "Guest House of Yerevan State University" is one of the nicest and most comfortable places to spend the holidays. The rooms here are modernly designed and furnished.
More Photos
  11.01 - 29.02
15.07 - 31.08
01.03 - 31.03
01.06 - 14.07
01.09 - 30.09
01.04 - 31.05
01.10 - 29.12
Single7000 AMD6000 AMD5000 AMD
Double14000 AMD12000 AMD10000 AMD
Luxe18000 AMD16000 AMD14000 AMD
Triple21000 AMD18000 AMD15000 AMD
Quadruple32000 AMD28000 AMD24000 AMD
The prices include VAT 20%. Full board at 4000 AMD (per person).

Argishti Vanadzor (Lori Region)
"Argishti" hotel is situated in Vanadzor (Lori region). There are very comfortable and furnished rooms provided with all the necessary facilities for comfort.
More Photos
  01.01 - 31.12
Semi Luxe25000 AMD
Luxe35000 AMD
Family Luxe35000 AMD
The prices include breakfast and VAT 20%.

Green House Vanadzor (Lori Region)
"Green House" is an ideally place for the travelers. It is located in the center of Vanadzor within the beautiful parks full of trees and flowers. Modernly furnished rooms together with the restaurant with delicious national and European cuisine are always at the guests` disposal.
More Photos
  01.01 - 31.12
Single13500 AMD
Double15000 AMD
Deluxe20000 AMD
Luxe25000 AMD
Executive Luxe30000 AMD
The prices include breakfast and VAT 20%.

Gross Vanadzor (Lori Region)
"Gross" hotel is the part of the business center of Vanadzor town. It offers modern style rooms equipped with satellite TV, air conditioning and heating system and other useful facilities. The hotel has its own parking place.
More Photos
  01.01 - 31.03
16.10 - 31.12
01.04 - 15.10
Single12000 AMD10000 AMD
Double15000 AMD13000 AMD
Semi Luxe15000 AMD14000 AMD
Luxe20000 AMD15000 AMD
The prices include breakfast and VAT 20%.

Tezh Ler Vanadzor (Lori Region)
"Tezh Ler" Resort has ideal conditions for recovering the exhausted energy and power. Staying at "Tezh Ler" Resort, you will have the opportunity to freely use the gym, play table tennis or billiards, swim in the outdoor pool and enjoy the walk in the forest. We believe all this will not leave you indifferent and will create the appropriate mood and emotional background for your stay.
More Photos
  16.01 - 30.04
16.10 - 30.12
Single15000 AMD
Double20000 AMD
Deluxe Double28000 AMD
Suite29000 AMD
Family43000 AMD
Cottage (6 prs.)58000 AMD
The prices include half board (breakfast, dinner) and VAT 20%.

Arpa Yeghegnadzor (Vayots Dzor Region)
Hotel "Arpa" was newly built in 2009 and opened in 2010. It is situated in the heart of Yeghegnadzor city, close to business and administrative centers. The hotel offers comfortable rooms equipped with satellite, telephone, refrigerator, wireless internet connection. Here guests can also enjoy Armenian and European cuisine.
More Photos
  01.01 - 31.12
Single17000 AMD
Double26000 AMD
Luxe29000 AMD
The prices include breakfast and VAT 20%.

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