All Festivals of Armenia

Armenia is a little country that,s full of surprises, but perhaps most unexpected is the range of Armenia holidays and festivals which tourists and locals are able to enjoy every year. Theatre enthusiasts will revel in the exhibits and displays of the HIGH FEST International Theater event held in October while adrenaline junkies should make their way to Lake Sevan in July for the newly established Extreme Sports Festival.

One Nation, One Culture

During March, the Armenian diaspora comes together in an artistic display of national unity in the capital city. Taking place every two years, the ,One Nation, One Culture, festival is an attempt to reunite Armenians who were forced to relocate after the Genocide. There are no prescriptions as the festival is based on what each individual and artist brings to the table, making it a little different every year. Visitors to Yerevan during this period have circus acts, fetes, cinema screenings, literature and poetry readings to look forward to.

Yerevan International Film Festival ,Golden Apricot,

Held annually every July, the Yerevan International Film festival, or the Golden Apricot as it is colloquially known, is a smorgasbord of the best independent films from around the globe. Bringing together directors, producers and cinematographers from Armenia and beyond, the festival aims to live up to its mission statement, a ,Crossroads of Cultures and Civilizations., If you,re a movie buff, the event is well worth experiencing as it showcases some of the most riveting and poignant contemporary modern cinema.


What started as a Pagan festival, Vartavar, or the ,World of Water Day, happens country-wide in July, 14 weeks after the Christian Easter holiday. This festival is particularly popular with children who thoroughly enjoy the main activity , pouring buckets of water on people as a blessing and a sign of cleansing. While most visitors may not understand the significance, tourists generally appreciate the cool water as a much-needed respite from the scorching temperatures of the Armenian summer.

Extreme Sports Festival

A new addition to the Armenian events calendar, the Extreme Sports Festival takes place from August 1 to 10. Several countries compete in death defying feats and technical sporting skills. For 10 days the usually serene Lake Sevan area is transformed into an adrenaline junkie,s paradise to partake in paintball, rock climbing, paragliding and much more.

HIGH FEST International Theater Festival

Taking place from October 1 through 8 every year, the main theater festival in the region hosts more than 250 artists from 30 different countries around the world. HIGH FEST aims to create a global culture of collaboration and inspiration and visitors can look forward to multi-genre art such as street performances, mime, dramatic and comedic theater, dance and puppetry.

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Detailed Sample Itinerary

Places Visited 

Yerevan, Echmiadzin, Zvartnots, Khor Virap, Areni, Noravank, Tatev, Goris, Karahunj, Selim, Noratus, Sevan, Tsaghkunq, Tsaghkadzor, Geghard, Garni, Stone Symphony, Amberd, Yerevan

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Detailed Sample Itinerary 

Day 1

Airport - Tour in Yerevan.

Arrival at the airport and transfer to the hotel in Yerevan, accommodation and a little rest. Tour to Matenadaran , research institute and museum, which holds one of the world's richest depositories of medieval manuscripts and books. Bus tour in Yerevan with stops near statue of David of Sassoun and Mother Armenia statue at Victory park with an incredible overview of a city. The Cascade complex, Cafesjian Center for the Arts, Opera house. Welcome dinner at ,Yerevan Tavern, restaurant with folk program (Armenian national songs and dances). Evening walk from the Northern Avenue to Republic Square. Participation in Dancing fountains show. Return to the hotel.

Day 2

Yerevan - Echmiadzin , Zvartnots , Yerevan

Breakfast at hotel. Tour to so called ,Armenian Vatican, Echmiadzin , the spiritual center of Armenia, where Pontifical Residence of Catholicos of All Armenians , the head of Armenian Apostolic church is located. The city is just about 20 km from Yerevan. Here we'll visit 4th century Echmiadzin Cathedral, Echmiadzin treasury, where the lance that pierced the side of Christ by the Roman soldier is also exposed. We will visit Zvartnots Cathedral, which is considered as a masterpiece of early medieval Armenian architecture, and listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site. 14:00 Lunch at apricot orchard of ,Van, restaurant in the open air. Return to Yerevan, where we,ll visit Ararat brandy factory and taste few brands of Armenian brandy (cognac). Free evening in Yerevan.

Day 3

Yerevan , Khor Virap , Areni , Noravank , Tatev , Goris

Breakfast at hotel. 8:00 Check out of a hotel and heading for the South of Armenia. First stop , Khor Virap Monastery which offers magnificent view on biblical Mount Ararat. Visiting Trchuneri (Bird) cave, where we also can find 6000 years old winery. Few years ago the oldest shoe in history had been found also in this region. Despite the fact, that the archeological excavations are still ongoing, we have a chance to peak into a mystical cave. It is Areni wine region, where famous red wine Areni is produced. We will not miss a chance to taste it at one of local wineries or at home of local peasant. Visiting of Noravank Monastery of XIII century, hidden in mystic red cliffs. Lunch at ,Lchak, restataurant. We will rise from Alidzor village to Tatev monastery on a cableway ,Wings of Tatev,. Accomodation at Mirhav hotel in Goris. 20:00 Dinner at the hotel.

Day 4

Goris - Karahunj - Selim - Noratus - Sevan - Tsaghkunq , Tsaghkadzor

Breakfast at the hotel Leaving for the tour 9:00 Karahunj , Zorats Qarer, is a prehistoric archaeological site of VI millennium BC, which is often called as the ,Armenian Stonehenge,. Vardenyats (Selim) caravanserai , one of the important destinations in Armenia on Great Silk Road. This buildings were built along commercial routes for the accommodation of travelers, who were travelled from Europe to the East. Noratus , the biggest khachkar cemetery on the territory of modern Armenia. Lunch at seaside Tsovatsoc restaurant, a dish from local sig fish, brand kebabs from Sevan crayfish. 15:00 Tour to Sevan lake , the biggest lake in Caucasus. On the North-West shore we will visit Sevanavank monastery. 17:00 Rest and dinner at colorful guest house Tsaghkunq, the chief will give a masterclass in cooking a lamb in tandoor (for 10+ groups). 21:00 Transfer to Tsaghkadzor, accommodation at the hotel.

Day 5

Tsaghkadzor , Geghard , Garni , Stone Symphony - Yerevan

Breakfast at the hotel. 10:00 Check out of the hotel. 10:15 We will rise one level on Tsaghkadzor cableroad. 11:00 Kecharis monastery. Photo-stop near Charents arch against the backdrop of Mount Ararat. Tour to Geghard medieval monastery , a fantastic example of medieval Armenian architecture of XII century. It is listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site. Lunch at village house in Garni, participation in baking Armenian bread lavash. Live performance of Armenian national instrument duduk. Tour to pagan temple Garni , the only preserved monument, referring to the era of paganism and Hellenism. 16:30 A short walking tour to Garni gorge , to the natural wonder "Symphony of the Stones". Return to Yerevan and accommodation at the hotel, time for rest. Free evening.

Day 6

Yerevan , Shopping , Amberd - Yerevan

Breakfast at the hotel. Preparing for the tour. History museum of Armenia, where different eras of the Armenian Highland are represented - beginning from the Paleolithic to the present days. Time for shopping. You can chose from a big variety of souvenirs and local products, which are in high demand among our guests , wines, brandies, dried fruits, sweets, herbs, jewelry, etc. For this purpose we will visit the souvenir market Vernissage and Tashir , the market of local sweets and dried fruits. Lunch at refined restaurant Charentsi 28 of Western Armenian cuisine. Afterwards we will go on tour to Amberd Fortress , the historical security complex, which consists of the castle of VII century and the church of XI century. It's one of the fewest preserved fortresses on the territory of Armenia. Free evening.

Day 7

Yerevan - Airport

Breakfast at the hotel. Check out of the hotel. Transfer to airport.



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