Armenia is a Land of Legends Tour

Many phenomena born at the dawn of history and miraculously reached us through centuries and millenniums, modified but preserved their essence, became legends. They are many on the earth! Today we will tell you one of them The Legend about Armenia, because it is a wonderful land. And if today the little piece of it wouldnt remain, confirming the fact, we would consider it to be a legend like Atlantis, World Flood and Noahs Ark.

General Information

Detailed Sample Itinerary

Places Visited 

Yerevan, Garni, Geghard, Echmiadzin, Metsamor, Sardarapat, Talin, Aruch, Ereruk, Tsakhkadzor, Sevan, Sanahin, Haghpat, Khor Virab, Noravank, Sisian, Stepanakert, Shushi, Gandzasar, Stepanakert, Yerevan, Ashtarak, Amberd

Departure Dates 

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Detailed Sample Itinerary 

Day 1

Arrival Yerevan city sightseeing tour

Arrival in Yerevan, at the International Airport Zvartnots Meeting and pick up to the HTL . Check in. Leisure time. City tour. Visit the Museum- Fortress Erebuni, proceed to the History Museum of Armenia. Visit Tsitsernakaberd, memorial complex dedicated to the victims of the Genocide, 1915. Matenadaran rare depository of manuscripts Visit Yerevan Brandy Factory with the tasting.

Day 2

Garni- Geghard (80 km)

Drive to Garni pagan temple, the summer residence of Armenian Kings (1st. C ). Observing Geghard monastery complex (12-13th. C ), cut in one monolithic rock. On return visit Champagne Factory and wine tasting.. Free time. Visit Concert hall or the opera performance.

Day 3

Echmiadzin-Metsamor-Sardarapat (140 km)

Drive to Echmiadzin Armenians spiritual center . Visit the Cathedral of Armenian Apostolic Church (4th. C ). Enter the museum inside the church. Visit the church St. Hripsime (7th. C ). Proceed to Metsamor- observing the ruins of the settlement ( 2 thousand years BC) and local archeological museum exhibits. Drive to Sardarapat .Visit the Ethnographic Museum of Armenia. On the way back observing the ruins of the church Zvartnots (7th. C ). Return to Yerevan.

Day 4

Talin Aruch Ereruk Ani (300 km)

Drive to the early Christian churches along the Silk Road. Visit the churches in Talin (7th. C ), Aruch (11-12th. C ) and Ererujk (6th. C ). View of the Ani - medieval capital of Armenia, located just on the opposite bank of Akhuryan river. Return to Yerevan.

Day 5

Tsakhkadzor - Sevan (80 km)

Drive to Tsakhkadzor the gorge of flowers, during the Soviet times there was located Olympic center of winter sport games. Observing Kecharis monastery (11-12th. C ). Ascent to the mountain Tegenis (3100 m) by the cable way. Drive to the Lake Sevan , 1900 m above the sea level. Observing the monastery complex on the peninsula (9th. C ). Rest on the lake shore. Overnight in the local HTL

Day 6

Sanahin Haghpat (320 km)

Drive to the high mountain resort Dilijan. Observing the monastery complex Haghartsin (11-13th. C ). Proceed to Alaverdi , observing the monasteries Sanahin (9-12th. C ) and Haghpat (11-13th. C ). Return to Sevan.

Day 7


Rest on the lake shore. Return to Yerevan

Day 8


Free day

Day 9

Khor Virab- Noravank (250 km)

Drive to Khor Virab, the border with Turkey and observing the church St. Blessed Mother (17th. C ). From the hill everyone can admire the handsome view of the biblical mountain Ararat. Visit Noravank monastery (13-14th. C ). Proceed to Sisian. Overnight.

Day 10

Sisian Stepanakert (160 km)

Drive to Nagorny Karabagh. Observing ancient peoples cave homes with paintings on the walls. Visit Tatev monastery (9-13th. C ). Proceed to Stepanakert the capital of Nagorny Karabagh

Day 11

Shushi Gandzasar (200 km)

Drive to medieval capital of Karabagh town-fortress Shushi. Observing the local church (19th. C ). Drive to Gandzasar monastery (13th. C ). Return to Stepanakert and wine tasting

Day 12

Stepanakert Yerevan (340 km)

Return to Yerevan

Day 13


Free day

Day 14

Ashtarak Amberd (120 km)

Drive to Ashtarak to the foot of the mountain Aragats. Observing the churches Tsiranavor (5th. C ) and Karmravor (7th. C ). Proceeding up by the mountainside of Aragats- the highest point of Armenia (4090 m). Observing the fortress Amberd (2300 m above the sea level). Return to Yerevan. Free time. Farewell dinner. Check out, pick up to the Airport Zvartnots.



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