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  • Armenia holds many treasures for travelers looking to research history
  • Sacred sites that inspire admiration, ancient spaces that invoke awe, cultural heritage that have sustained life for centuries,
  • A journey through Armenia will challenge perceptions and arouse wonder.
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    It is with a love of Armenia and a spirit of discovery that we have created our award winning tours. Our exciting itineraries, legendary guides and unparalleled service ensure that you will see Armenia the way it should be seen. Join us and discover a tour beyond your expectations.

    Ancient trace (Silk Road Tour)

    11 days in Armenia

    Step back in time on this 11 Day (10 nights) Armenia has always had a unique geographic location. The trade routes passed across the Armenia favoured the development of the country's economy, trade, commerce and culture... Read more...

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    Classical Tour

    11 days in Armenia

    Perfect for history-lovers, Orient-Travel offers a glimpse into the past... Read more...

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    Armenia museum under open air

    7 days in Armenia

    This itinerary is about the rich history and cultural heritage of Armenia. It will uncover historical land full of ancient sculptures and unique culture... Read more...

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    The Golden Age of Armenia

    12 days in Armenia

    AD 404, St. Mesrob Mashtots completed an alphabet of 36 letters. His objective was to translate the Bible into Armenian, and the golden age of classical Armenian literature began shortly thereafter... Read more...

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    Worth of Armenia

    9 days in Armenia...

    This tour package around Armenia will leave you with a lifetime of memories and stories to tell... Read more...

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