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  • Armenia holds many treasures for travelers looking to research history
  • Sacred sites that inspire admiration, ancient spaces that invoke awe, cultural heritage that have sustained life for centuries,
  • A journey through Armenia will challenge perceptions and arouse wonder.
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    It is with a love of Armenia and a spirit of discovery that we have created our award winning tours. Our exciting itineraries, legendary guides and unparalleled service ensure that you will see Armenia the way it should be seen. Join us and discover a tour beyond your expectations.

    Cathedral Tour

    8 days in Armenia

    The Cathedral Tour is happy to welcome you: pilgrims, Christians, visitors from all over the world, believers and non-believers, everyone who is willing !... Read more...

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    Dale of Biblical Ararat Tour

    11 days in Armenia

    The name Ararat is mentioned four times in the Bible`s original manuscripts, The word Ararat translated as Armenia. However, other versions, including the New King James Version, simply say land of Ararat. Orient-Travel offers a glimpse into the land of Biblical Ararat... Read more...

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    The treasury of ancient culture, sheltered by the Biblical Ararat

    5 days in Armenia

    This itinerary is about the One of the ancient countries Armenia located in Caucasus region surrounded by mountain ranges among them is Biblical mountain Ararat. Nation of Armenia stand out by its prosperous and contrasting history... Read more...

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    By Noah trails

    9 days in Armenia

    This tour is an opportunity to explore the sites of Noah's tale in the foothills of Mount Ararat... Read more...

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    Ararat Valley Cradle of Civilization

    15 days in Armenia...

    The Sumerians, an ancient peoples and one of the first civilizations in the world called Ararat, Arrata. In their great epic poems of Gilgamesh and Arrata, they tell of the land of their ancestors, the Arratans in the Highlands of Armenia... Read more...

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