By Noah Trails Tour

A pilgrimage to Armenia is a transformational experience and a spiritually uplifting adventure. Armenia may be only a small strip of land along the Caucasus, but it has been a historic giant for more than 4,000 years. By Noah Trails Tour explores the major historic, religious and natural highlights of Armenia. It covers the lesser traveled paths along the most scenic tour routes and unveils Armenians rich cultural heritage. You will follow in the footsteps of Noah and sharing the many fascinating aspects of Armenia that few tourists get to experience...

General Information

Detailed Sample Itinerary

Places Visited 

Yerevan, Garni, Geghard, Echmiadzin, Sevan, Dilijan, Khor Virab

Departure Dates 

Flexible and customizable for private departures.

Detailed Sample Itinerary 

Day 1

Arrival to Yerevan, Yerevan city sightseeing tour

Museum of History Erebuni museum (museum of ancient Yerevan) National Art Gallery Modern Art Museum

Day 2

Yerevan Ejmiadzin Yerevan

St. Hripsime temple (7th c.) Cathedral (4th c.) Museum of Cathedral Churches of St. Gayane Ruins of Zvartnots (Temple of Heaven Angels, 7th c.) Return to Yerevan

Day 3

Garni, Geghard

Arch of Charents Garni pagan temple (I c. AD) Geghard (12-13th c. monastery carved into solid rock) Return to Yerevan

Day 4

Lake Sevan, Dilijan

Lake Sevan, Church of Peninsula, Haghartsin Monastery (11-13th c.), Goshavank Monastery (12th c.), Return to Yerevan

Day 5

Ashtarak city, Amberd

Amberd (old castle and church, 10-13th c.) Mughni Saghmosavank Monastery (13th c.) Return to Yerevan

Day 6


Haghpat Monastery (10th c.) Sanahin Monastery Odzun Monastery (6th c.) Return to Yerevan

Day 7

Khor Virap

Khor Virap Monastery Noravank Monastery Return to Yerevan

Day 8





Orient Travel Armenia recommends the following guidelines for customized Armenia tour packages excluding international flights:

  • 5-star: USD $200 - $1,000+ per person per day
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  • 3-star: Minimum USD $100 per person per day

The customized package will include accommodations, airport transfers and other transportation within Armenia, guided tours or activities, unique experiences, trip planning, and 24X7 support during your trip.

Please inquire for a custom quote. The price is customized based on final accommodation choices, travel dates, and other custom preferences.