Game of Thrones: A Unique Tour of Croatia

A 7 day trip to Croatia

Game of Thrones is a series so rich that it beggars description, so alluring that it cannot be resisted, and so captivating that it leaves you eagerly awaiting the next episode. Fitting, then, that it should be shot in Croatia, where history inhabits every street corner and romance fills the air. This tour shows you the best of the filming locations and of Croatia, blurring the line between fantasy and reality.

While others offer a one-day tour, this is the ultimate Game of Thrones immersion over seven days. It's perhaps the most exciting of all our Croatia tours.

Did you know that much of Croatia was once part of the Republic of Venice for nearly four centuries? The battles and conquests involving several kingdoms during that 15th - 18th century were certainly worthy of a Game of Thrones story! With Venice and the rest of Italy so close by, we suggest combining one of our Italy tours with this one. All travel arrangements can be customized.

General Information

Amazing Dubrovnik old town and city walls, view from the St. Lawrence Fortress
Fort Lovrijenac on a high cliff and small bay of the Adriatic Sea, Dubrovnik
Town of Dubrovnik
Dubrovnik old town roofs at sunset
Lokrum Island and nature park near Dubrovnik
Medieval walls of Dubrovnik Old City on the Adriatic Sea
Old town at night, Dubrovnik
Old town pier, Dubrovnik
Aerial view of Dubrovnik old town and the Lokrum Island
St. Lawrence Fortress, Dubrovnik
Summer fortress view, Lovrijenac tower on rock and clear water of Adriatic Sea
The main street Stradun in the old town, Dubrovnik
Old city walls, Dubrovnik
Medieval town Mali Ston in Dubrovnik area at the one end of the world known Ston walls
Falconry, an ancient tradition of the region of Dubrava
Krka National Park, one of the eight national parks in Croatia
River Krka and the Roski Slap, Krka National Park
Cascading waterfalls, Krka National Park
Krka National Park
Christian monastery, Visovac
The architecture background of the old fort in Klis
Roman Ampitheater Ruins in the Ancient Town of Salona near Split
View of the old fort in Klis
Boats in harbour and bell tower, Split
View in a bright sunny day of fortress Klis near Split
Beautiful Split Coastline
Old Market Square, Split
The silver gate of the UNESCO listed Palace built by the ancient roman emperor Diocletian, in Split
The fascinating Adriatric Coastline, Split
Old harbor, Hvar
Detailed Itinerary

Places Visited 

Split, Krka National Park, Hvar, Dubrovnik

Departure Dates 

Dates are flexible and customizable for private departures.

Detailed Itinerary 

Day 1: Beginning Your Fantastic Journey Through the World of Game of Thrones

You begin in spectacular Split, one of the most beautiful cities on Earth and the cultural capital of the region of Dalmatia. A driver will be waiting for you at the airport, ready to transfer you to your impeccable accommodations at one of Split's charming four-star hotels, where the staff are as helpful and friendly as you could imagine.

Take some time to relax and freshen up from your journey before your first exploration of this magnificent metropolis, which has a history of habitation dating back to the fourth century BC. Visit the city's superb archaeological museum ' the oldest museum in all of Croatia ' or stroll through the darling streets and charming alleyways of Varos, one of the most delightful sections of the city. You might also want to visit the Cathedral of St. Domnius (also known as Cathedral of St. Duje) ' considered the oldest cathedral in the world ' and climb the majestic bell tower for a simply breathtaking view over this seaside gem and the expansive waters of the gorgeous Adriatic.


  • Private airport transfer
  • Hotel in Split

Day 2: Touring the Khaleesi's Domains

Today, you leave the everyday world and enter the realm of one of the greatest fantasy epics of all time, stepping directly into the drama and intrigue of Game of Thrones in a fully-immersive experience that will leave you awestruck and inspired at every turn. Your full-day tour starts at Klis Fortress, an ancient stronghold perched upon a rocky outcropping that was at the center of some of Croatia's most legendary struggles. In more recent years, of course, the fortress's stirring perch and dominating view have lent it to be a perfect filming location for Danaerys's stronghold, and you'll be sure to feel the power of the mighty Targaryens as you survey the scene from high atop the hillside.

From here, you turn to Zrnovnica, a suburb of sorts that was once the home to a large number of grain mills: the ceaseless advance of time has all but wiped out these medieval structures, but the few working mills that have been lovingly and painstakingly restored that are certainly worth a visit. Zrnovnica also serves as the real-world setting for a climactic battle scene in the fourth season of Game of Thrones ' no spoilers here! ' as well as a bathing scene of Danaerys's trusted handmaid and interpreter Missandei.

The tour concludes in high style, worthy of the Blood of Old Valyria, as you make your way to the imperial glory of Diocletian's Palace in the heart of Split. This UNESCO World Heritage Site has dazzled visitors for more than a millennia, and it has sparked the imagination of Game of Thrones cast and crew: here, in the Palace's rambling walkways, Daenarys moves against the slaver overlords of Mereen and Yunkai with the vast horde of faithful Unsullied, and hardens her resolve to return to Westeros as a conquering queen. After mere minutes in this inimitable place ' the former residence of one of ancient Rome's greatest emperors ' you'll be sure to feel the blood of the dragon pulsing through your veins.


  • Private car with driver and licensed English-speaking guide for up to 8 hours;
  • Entrance fees
  • Traditional organic home-made lunch at the mill
  • Hotel in Split

Day 3: Enjoying the Rich Traditions of Croatia

Escape the hustle and bustle of urban life and get out in Croatia's simply peerless natural beauty, as today takes you to dazzling Krka National Park, a pristine region of rich wildlife and unsurpassed scenery. You'll find more than 200 species of birds here, nearly 20 species of bats (some of which are critically endangered or near extinction) and the cute and cuddly European Otter. You'll be awed and struck by the idyllic wonder of Skradinski buk, where seventeen waterfalls cascade into a crystal-clear pool, and you'll certainly want to visit the eye-catching island of Visovac, a tiny outcropping that has been the home to the Visovac Monastery for more than five centuries.

After a delicious lunch at a quaint and delightful Croatian farm, you'll head to the forest of Dubrava for an expert tutorial on falconry, an ancient tradition of the region so culturally significant it was added to the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO in 2010. You'll gain a new understanding and appreciation of this ancient practice and these incredible animals, and you'll learn all about falconry's august history and the fascinating practitioners who keep this marvelous art alive to the present day.

The evening sees you returning to Split, ready to enjoy some of the city's fine food and invigorating nightlife.


  • Private car with driver and licensed English-speaking guide for up to 8 hours
  • Entrance fees to Krka National Park and falconry center
  • Lunch at a local agricultural establishment
  • Hotel in Split

Day 4: Heading to the Island

Turn to the sapphire waters of the boundless Adriatic as you meet your guide at Split's ferry port to board a catamaran bound for the island of Hvar. Founded by Neolithic peoples before the advent of recorded history, the island became an important trading point in the Adriatic and has belonged to some of the greatest naval empires in world history, from the ancient Greeks to the Venetian Empire to the empire of Napoleon. The island's rich history is reflected in its iconic architecture and its rich and flowering art scene, one of the finest in the Balkans.

Begin your tour at the city's main square, dominated on one end by the impressive Cathedral of St. Stephen, a stirring amalgam of Renaissance, mannerism and early Baroque architecture that is characteristically Dalmatian. You'll also marvel at the other sixteenth and seventeenth century buildings that encircle the square, remnants of the island's time under the control of the sprawling Venetian Empire. And you'll be drawn in by the Benedictine convent, where a community of nuns dedicate their lives to God and weave ornate lace from agave fibers. Some of the very best examples of this fine art form are preserved in the convent's excellent museum.

Continue on to the Spagnola ' Hvar's seaside fortress that was named after the structures of Spanish designers and engineers ' before visiting the ancient city of Stari Grad, one of the oldest continually inhabited settlements in Europe. Your expert guide will show you all of the highlights of this majestic place, from the city square dating from the seventeenth century to the remains of the first settlement of Pharos at the Nautical Museum at the Bianchini Palace. From the artifacts of ancient Greece to the architecture of its Venetian overlords, you're sure to find all of Hvar as fascinating as it is intriguing.

The afternoon sees you returning to the mainland, ready to enjoy one final evening in Split.


  • Private car with driver and licensed English-speaking guide for up to 8 hours
  • Ferry tickets: Split ' Hvar ' Split
  • Wine tasting
  • Entrance fees in Hvar
  • Hotel in Split

Day 5: Making Your Way Through the Croatian Heartlands

Head south and east as you take a leisurely and scenic drive down the romantic and captivating Croatian coastline, marveling at the beauty of the inland scenery and gazing upon the azure waves of the Adriatic as you wind your way past some of the country's most entrancing villages. Enjoy a day of gourmand delights as you make a pit stop at the Peljesaki peninsula, home to a number of excellent vineyards and the oysters of Ston, widely regarded by connoisseurs as some of the tastiest bivalves on the planet.

Take a break for lunch under the gentle warmth of a Croatian sun, then continue on to Dubrovnik, one of the best medieval walled cities in the world and a true tourist delight. Your evening can be spent strolling the streets of the Old Town, from the Pile Gate down the Stradun ' the city's main street ' all the way to the old port of Dubrovnik. Dinner can be had at one of the city's many excellent eateries, like the modern French fare at Gils Cuisine and Pop Lounge to the Dalmatian specialties at Arka.


  • Private car with driver taking you to from Split to Ston and finally, Dubrovnik with flexible stops along the way
  • Hotel in Dubrovnik

Day 6: Welcome to King's Landing

Your last full day in Croatia takes you deep into the world of Game of Thrones and into the heart of Westeros's capital, as you'll have a full day of exploration in King's Landing. Your expert, English-speaking guide will lead you through the streets of incomparable Dubrovnik, showing you the setting for many of the highlights from the series' first three critically acclaimed seasons. Walk the city walls that served as the backdrop for the pivotal Battle of the Blackwater, Tyrion Lannister's finest hour, and visit Lovrijenac Fortress, from the tourney grounds of Prince Joffrey's contentious name-day celebration that opened the second season to the young king's diabolical exploits in season three.

Continue on to Lokrum Island, where you'll see the filming locations from the most pivotal and dramatic moments of season two, like Littlefinger's meeting with Queen Cersei, the Imp's inspection of the cache of wildfire at the Alchemists' Guild, and the terrible riot inspired by Joffery's sneering insolence toward the suffering of his subjects. Lokrum also served as the set for the superlative city of Qarth, 'the greatest city there ever was and the greatest city that ever will be': Here, you'll see many of the same sights Danaerys witnessed on her voyage to this mighty metropolis, including the seductive Temple of the Undying.

The tour concludes with a serene and gorgeous tour of the arboretum at Trsteno, whose historic gardens served as the backdrop for the court intrigues of Margaery Tyrell and her shrewd and calculating grandmother, Olenna. You'll be sure to recognize where Lady Sansa related Joffery's worst characteristics to his new queen, as well as the garden where the Queen of Thorns mocked her house's words and plotted against the chicaneries of House Lannister.


  • Private car with driver and a licensed English-speaking guide for up to 8 hours
  • Entrance fees
  • Hotel in Dubrovnik

Day 7: Returning Home

Today, you say goodbye to Croatia and the sensational world of one of the best-loved fantasy series in modern memory. As your private driver takes you to the airport, your mind will be filled with memories of this awe-inspiring and breathtaking country, from the great buildings of Split to the amazing history of Hvar to the unmatched grandeur of Dubrovnik to the scrumptious edibles of Ston.

As you find yourself onboard your trip home, take a minute to close your eyes and imagine yourself back in the world of Danaerys and Sir Jorah, of the Lannisters and the Baratheons, and the incredible myths, legends and heroes of this truly remarkable show. And perhaps imagine the upcoming seasons, the endless possibilities of this tale, and your return to this land of fantasy.


  • Private airport transfer


This customizable private tour starts at USD $3,200 per person based on two people traveling during mid season (2nd half of September) in double occupancy, at excellent 4-star hotels.

Since this is a private tour, the price per person is lower when there are more travelers per private group.

The price includes hotels (with breakfast), private airport transfers, and all transportation, entrance fees, and touring per Detailed Itinerary with your own private driver and excellent licensed guides who are chosen for their knowledge of Croatia and Game of Thrones filming locations. Some meals and wine tasting are included per Detailed Itinerary.