Rome & Athens Tour: Highlights of Antiquity and Modernity

A 7 day trip to Greece & Italy

Retrace the steps of antiquity and modernity, the energy of which is encapsulated in the cities of Roma and Athena. Over the course of a week, this itinerary will enable you to drift across centuries as you visit the Coliseum, the Vatican, the Acropolis and beyond. World-renowned culinary delights will lure you back to present day, when you find yourself at a small candlelit table in a taverna or enoteche (wine bar) each evening, surrounded by local wine and delicacies. Allow yourself to be captivated by the romance and mystique of the old world, as you fall just a little more in love with Europa.

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Athens, Rome

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Detailed Itinerary 

Day 1: Welcome to Rome, Italy

Looking out your window as your plane descends, you might just catch your first glimpse of the magnificent, powerful and eternal city of Rome. Touching down, you will be met in arrivals by a private transfer. After arriving at your hotel, you may want to venture into the Italian streets in search of your first taste of gelato or a much-anticipated glass of Italian wine. Allow yourself to gradually adjust to the Italian rhythm as you watch the movement of the country from a street side cafe with an Italian staple: espresso, or il caffe.

What s Included: transfer, accommodation

Day 2: Marvel at the Collision of Ancient and Modern Worlds, Constrained within the City of Rome

Today, you will spend a full day immersed in a world where ancient meets modern. Spend a half-day on a guided sightseeing tour that carries you through history as you marvel at endless historic monuments. Compare the grandiosity of the Coliseum with the subtle force of the Vatican Museums, the Sistine Chapel and St. Peter s Basilica. Duck into a sprinkling of the city s museums, such as Galleria Borghese a restored 15th century palace that currently houses a collection of works from Caravaggio and Raphael. Or perhaps, venture into Museo Capitolino designed by none other than Michelangelo where you can admire early classical Greek sculptures.

As the day continues, allow yourself to drift back to the Roman Empire, reflecting on the centuries of history that have played out under your very feet. Then, return to present day for a rejuvenating espresso or a glass of wine at an enoteche as the city pulses around you. Consider splurging tonight on a Roman feast, complete with classic dishes such tripp alla romana or coda alla vaccinara. Following your deeply satisfying three courses each accompanied by local Italian wine find your way back to your hotel where you can digest, in luxurious comfort.

What s Included: breakfast, guided tour, accommodation

Day 3: Contrast Alleyways with Coveted Monuments that Characterize Rome

Today, you will explore Rome at your own pace. Each cobblestone and brick of this city is steeped with history, with each corner revealing a different element of Rome s 2,500 years of history. Begin your morning by tossing a coin into the Fontana di Trevi, before losing yourself in the spirit and emotion of the Baroque quarter. Wander through farmers markets that explode with fresh produce, before locating the perfect panino or tramezzino for a light afternoon snack.

In the afternoon, set out in search of your favorite town square. Though Piazza Navona is often remembered as the most dramatic, Piazza del Popolo has a certain eerie charm. Weave in and out of sensational shops that sell anything from high Italian fashion to local eclectic treasures, before sitting down for some cured meat, cheese and l aperitivo Italian happy hour.

As this will be your final evening in Rome, consider venturing out into the evening to experience the local nightlife, which is as diverse as the city itself. Consult your concierge for local events where you can continue your exploration of Italian culture, before sleepily saying farewell to the city.

What s Included: breakfast, accommodation

Day 4: Move from Italy to Greece, Flying Direct from Rome to Athens

This morning, following a final Italian breakfast, you will return to the airport to board your flight to Athens. A short flight will carry you out of Italy and in to Athens where your vacation in Greece continues with your exploration of the ancient and modern European worlds. Descending over Athens, you will begin to notice the numerous qualities that both connect and differentiate these two cities.

A private transfer will drive you to your hotel. Keep an eye out your window for your first sighting of the Acropolis which you will explore in depth in the morning. For the remainder of today, however, you might enjoy simply strolling the streets that surround your hotel. With countless talented chefs lining the restaurants that surround you, you might just spend the entire afternoon deciding on the perfect location for your first Grecian feast and sip of ouzo, of course.

What s Included: breakfast, transfer, accommodation

Day 5: Compare Ancient Athens with the Sights of Ancient Rome

This morning, you will set out on a guided half-day tour of Athens, designed to reveal the city s most modern and classical sights. Amidst this city of contrast, you will visit some of Ancient Greece s most famous sites. The most notable site is likely the Acropolis the treasure that sits atop the Parthenon. Home to the Greek since 5,000 BC, this hilltop icon will not only offer a peek into history - it will provide the most sensational and juxtaposing views of the city. As you descend from this shrine to the gods, the tour will continue on to the Panathenaic Stadium, home of the first modern Olympic games in 1896. As lunchtime approaches, consider sampling street-side soulvaki for a taste of local life before continuing on with a self-guided historic tour.

This evening, embark on a culinary and cultural tour of the region as you tuck into one of the city s prized restaurants. Michelin stars are awarded to a handful of Mediterranean chefs, and they delight your taste buds with their fusion of classically Greek cuisine. Round off your evening with a taste of the ever-decadent baklava or milk pie, before finally retiring to your luxurious suite.

What s Included: breakfast, guided tour, dinner, accommodation

Day 6: Wander through the Streets of Athens, Absorbing Greek Culture at Every Turn ?

Today, as it is your final day in Europe, you will have the opportunity to craft your most idyllic itinerary. For some, this may be a continuation of yesterday s explorations of the city s greatest sights Or, you may chose to focus on exploring the innumerable cathedrals and churches that stipple Athens, paying homage to the Byzantine period or perhaps, you would prefer to spend time examining the impossibly detailed Greek vases and frescoes. Galleries range from the classical to the trendy, and highlight the full breadth of Greek artistic talent. Of course just as cultural sights await your exploration, a number of boutiques remain untouched by your hand as well. High-end fashion abuts trinket-filled marketplaces, and you will certainly want to set out in search of hand crafted leather sandals. Cafes, restaurants, tavernas and street-side souvlaki stands will continue to guide your way, as you amble aimlessly-yet-purposefully through the city center.

There is also the option to go beyond Athens. We will happily organize an excursion to Delphi or Mycenae, where you can explore these excavated former homes of Greek civilizations. Or, if you are craving relaxation, we will help you get to the Aegean Sea. A day cruise through the islands of Hydra, Poros and Aegina may just be the perfect conclusion to this tour. No matter what your preference is for this day, be sure to return to Athens in the evening for a meze-filled evening in an authentically Greek setting.

What s Included: breakfast, accommodation

Day 7: Return Home, Departing from Athens International

This morning, following one final Greek breakfast of Greek pancakes, milk pie and grape molasses, you will return with a private transfer to Athens International Airport. You may have time to squeeze in a few final moments of Ancient Greece at the airport museum, before you board your flight back home. Of course if a week wasn t quite enough, you might also consider adding on a few tailor-made days to this historic and unforgettable tour. Turkey, Croatia and of course the Greek Islands are but a flight or cruise away

What s Included: breakfast, transfer

If a 7-day trip isn't long enough, consider adding on to this customizable vacation. Be sure to browse the Italy travel reviews or the Greece travel agency reviews on orient for ideas.



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  • 3-star: Minimum USD $300 per person per day

The customized package will include hotels, airport transfers and other transportation within Italy and Greece, guided tours or activities, unique experiences, trip planning, and 24X7 support during your trip.

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