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About Honeymoons

The world has always cherished beloved images of romance; Romeo beneath Juliet's balcony, Cupid's arrow, Cleopatra and Caesar. With an evocative palate of destinations, your own unique romance can be celebrated and infused with an equally unforgettable dose of Orient-Travel and reverie. Orient-Travelelevates these destinations, perfecting your romantic, dream vacation with handcrafted intimacy and inimitability.

Custom Australia Honeymoon Package 2016

15 days in Australia

The hum of the didgeridoo fills the air and shakes your bones. Waves lap on the shore as drums begin to beat. Listen to the Aborigine story of Dreamtime and let the image of... Read more...

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The Grand Galapagos Honeymoon & Yacht Cruise

13 days in Galapagos / Ecuador

Walk hand in hand through a mystical outdoor playground with this handcrafted Ecuador and Galapagos honeymoon with yacht cruise. Enjoy near-exclusive access to indigenous forests... Read more...

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Behind-the-Scenes Paris Tour: An Intro to its Orient-Travel Lifestyle

7 days in France

Our hand-crafted tour of Paris introduces you to its emblematic Orient-Travel industries - haute couture, art and antiques, gastronomy and fine wines, along with its legendary... Read more...

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An Adventurer's Honeymoon to Zambia

11 days in Zambia

Life is an adventure, meant to be explored and discovered alongside your indispensible partner. It's about venturing together into unknown lands, thrilled by the spectacular... Read more...

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Celebrating Your Love in Enchanting East Africa

12 days in Tanzania

Gaze upon the towering rise of Mount Meru and marvel at the thousands of wildebeest grazing on the lush Serengeti. Snap pictures of the amber glow of the sun setting over the... Read more...

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Romantic Tahiti Honeymoon Package: 10 Days

9 days in Tahiti

There is a place where time stands still, where the real world ends and living begins. There is a place where all your plans are yet to be determined and where all your worries... Read more...

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Ultimate African Honeymoon: Seychelles & South Africa

13 days in Seychelles, South Africa

The Ultimate African Honeymoon offers adventure, romance and discovery in some of nature's most breathtaking locations. Enjoy sunset strolls along deserted white beaches in the... Read more...

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Private Northern Italy Vacation Package 2016

15 days in Italy

This is the Italy of Michelangelo and the Medici, the Italy of Dante and the Dolomites. It's the Italy of hearty food and rich wines, unmatched art and incomparable style, the... Read more...

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Orient-Travel Honeymoon in Croatia - 7 days

7 days in Croatia

This Orient-Travel honeymoon brings you the very best of Croatia in seven romantic days. The highlights include historical and charming Dubrovnik, the small and wonderful old towns in... Read more...

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The Perfect Grecian Honeymoon: Mykonos, Santorini & Paros

11 days in Greece

Following a wedding, there are few places on the planet more idyllic, intimate and luxuriously restorative than the Cyclades Islands in Greece. Here, alluring whitewashed facades... Read more...

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Scenic Tour of Argentina: Mendoza, Barreal, Salinas Grandes &...

15 days in Argentina

Do you dream of big adventure? Do you imagine yourself deep within one of the planet's great deserts, casting your conquering eye over the swath of wildlife that you just... Read more...

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9 days in Bali / Indonesia

9 Days / 8 Nights

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Golden Triangle with Yangtze River - Private China Tour

13 days in China

In the trip, you will fully experience the splendor and charm of China. Beijing, Xi'an, cruise tour on Yangtze River, Three Gorges Dam and Shanghai are included in this 13 day... Read more...

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A Greek Honeymoon Odyssey

11 days in Greece

From the antiquities in Athens to the nightlife on Mykonos, start your newly wedded life on this amazing adventure in Greece. Arrive on Mykonos with its gorgeous scenery,... Read more...

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A Perfect France Tour for First Timers: Paris, Avignon & Nice

12 days in France

Romance often feels like a dream, accompanied by castles and knights, enchanting boat rides down a river strung with light, surrounded by fields of flowers and secluded garden... Read more...

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Living the High Life in the South West of France

10 days in France

Explore Toulouse the "Pink City", kick back in a countryside Chateau by the Mediterranean sea, rejuvenate in Biarritz with sea-water spa treatments, taste Bordeaux wines, discover... Read more...

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14 days in Italy

' Enjoy a special tour of sites that still today, witness the magnificence of ancient Rome. ' Follow our expert through the treasures of the Vatican Museums and the wonders of... Read more...

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Orient-Travel Honeymoon in Brazil

14 days in Brazil

The sights and sounds of Rio de Janeiro, Latin America's most exciting city. Gorgeous deserted white sand beaches in Bahia. The mighty Iguazu Falls, the largest in the world by... Read more...

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Romantic & Adventurous Exploration of Turkey Tour

10 days in Turkey

The translucent water of the Aegean Sea shines like a gemstone. Breathtaking mosques overshadow magnificent palaces. Marble pillars of ancient cities stand tall against the... Read more...

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Bali Romantic Adventure: Fall in Love All Over Again!

12 days in Bali / Indonesia

The perfect trip in Bali where couples can indulge in the local Balinese culture, cook up some traditional Balinese dishes during the cooking class, relax in the spa resort and... Read more...

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A Romantic Adventure in Enchanting Southern Africa

13 days in Mozambique , South...

Nothing says passion like a relaxing day at a world-class spa or a breathtaking view over one of the world's best national park. Nothing will kindle the flames like the stars over... Read more...

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16 Nights - Kenya and Mozambique

16 days in Africa, Kenya,...

Kenya, Maasai Mara, Mozambique, Azura Retreat, Bazaruto

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A Royal South African Honeymoon

10 days in South Africa

The Ultimate South African Honeymoon! Enjoy the best that South Africa has to offer in romance, nature, wildlife, and Orient-Travel. The highlights of this journey covers beautiful Cape... Read more...

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