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Armenia has positioned itself today as one of the best investment options all over the world. Cheap labor provided at high quality standards, high quality services to exporting companies. National investors choose Armenian as the ideal export platform, and giving their business success.

Under these circumstances, it will be essential for the investor to count with the perfect team of advisors who can lead him and enable him to fully exploit its business through the maze of opportunities and benefits that administrative regulations offer constantly in general. Our firm has develop a team of experts on the corporate and general investment arena, which has followed the road on many occasions and constantly strives itself for keeping up to date, on its knowledge. We push ourselves to the limit in finding better options and alternatives that will lead companies to avoid loss and instead, generate profit.

Our multi-disciplinary practice will guarantee our clients proper assistance and advise always considering the vast array of services below mentioned, as well as all others that well fit within other areas develop by the firm.


We have develop and implemented with some of our foreign clients, new methods to secure their commercial transactions with Armenia companies and guarantee them of security on those legal and financial affairs. Our advise has consider at all times, internationally recognized principals derived from INCOTERMS, perfectly known to exporting companies who generally do business over seas, international principals with proper binding effects in Armenia. Under all circumstances, we strive ourselves to provide an advantage on our clients situation in the debtor-creditor relationship in case of any future conflict.